Medium Amber

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The significance of amber in some religions is well known, it is symbolic of preservation and empowerment.    In some circles, a witch will take an amber bead for every time she delivers a prophecy which comes to pass. Amber belongs to embers and night, it is hermaphroditic erring on feminine, it is protective and empowering.  It is golden like my skin and glows in the firelight.  It corresponds with the kidneys and anxiety.
Tarot is my medium.  I am a receiver.  This is a title I was gifted at thirteen from my tia, and it's what I was taught to have faith in.  It proved to be a passion of mine, receiving knowledge- that's how I got into occult academia in the first place.  It's mom's fault.  I did not inherit her skills with hand reading but I did inherit her love of the cards. She read the Hoi Polloi tarot in our apartment when we were growing up in Riverside, California.  She always taught me such a healthy respect of the cards that I didn't even pick them up until I was a teenager and inherited a good deck from a fellow high school aged mystic named Kelly.

I took an amber bead plus one ring given to me by my 13th.  Each bead had to be passed to me by the person I had seen for, my hand to theirs and theirs back to me.  I assume many readers might take tokens that represent their experience, not simply for the sake of impressing others but to remind one of their gift and its positive effect on the lives of others.  I'm putting my necklace together, it's going to be something special.

I suppose mediums, like tarot, are the vehicle between the reader (or, in my upbringing the term used is receiver) and the source.  Some sources are the spirit world, that place beyond the veil.  Other sources are dark places.  Crystal ball gazers are seen as peering into other places and times, simple viewing over the distance of reality, but when most people think of ouji boards thy think of portals to a dark place, but tarot cards are not so maligned and they are seen more like a guide to hidden consciousnesses, hunches of the universe that need pushing.  I disagree about the spirit boards.  I've never used one or seen one used because of the pervasive superstitions around me, but I don't believe every type of medium leads to the more twisted roots an others lead to the shallow vines.  It's in the soul to travel where it needs to go right?

Confession.  I admit my love of tarot and gift for it lies in the psychology of it.  The imagery gets into people and they begin to unravel their own questions at I, the reader, prompt them forward.  That's why I don't charge money for readings.  I feel it's improper to know I have some conscious guiding here and still lead people to depend spiritually on me.  To each their own, I typically deal in trade.  I say reading is 90 percent obvious cues and 10 percent...other. Body language and tells help a reader direct their energy to the right place.  Watching peoples eyes and weighting their choices in front of you builds a bond, and that bond helps me help them.

I don't know exactly how  became skilled in intuiting; maybe people are just easy to read, predictable.  Maybe I'm particularly empathetic and use this tool to help me express it.  Maybe the spirits whisper in my ears and my hand trembles with the weight of possibilities.  Maybe I untangle the red threads of fate through the labyrinth, playing in the Parcae's yarn-bin as I shuffle the deck.  Maybe when I pass my hand over each cut in the deck and my palm burns, it's because the most probable future is humming to me; and the threads between me and the medium twitch and tremble like a spider catching prey. Or maybe I'm just very imaginative and remarkably perceptive.  I've decided it's a combination of all those things.

Some Advice on Cards

  • Suffumigate the deck inbetween readings- I recommend sage, sweetgrass, palo santo lavender dried and Columbian amber- these are used in my family.
  • Bury a new or corrupted deck in a jar of salt for a moon cycle
  • Keep decks near all of your materia, they inherit those qualities
  • Use a seer's oil or unguent before oracular readings; henbane ointments and wormwood oils are popular these days.
  • Inheriting a deck is better than buying one but both work the same
  • Some people say keep in yellow silk in a black bag.  I say do whatever keeps them safe and happy.  Mine like being stacked together in wooden boxes.

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