My Zen Place

9:46:00 AM

I think everybody has a zen place; something that gives them calm when they're nervous, some place or something that takes them away from the mundane and launches them into the sacred.  While most people turn to faith for inner peace, I turn to literature- without which I would have little faith.  Constant education is my religion.  I worship no god the way I worship the mind to learn.   For occultists, books are the primary teachers these days, what with mystery cults losing their prized mystery, laid bare for the world to pick at.  Every book is your teacher.  I am the apprentice of Oscar Wilde and Raymond Buckland, Robert Graves and Sorita d'Este, Ogden and Pasternak. 

It's not just occult literature I love though I admit most of my library consists of classical and modern occult literature.  I've learned philosophy and mysticism from strange sources. 

I've learned love stories and tragedies, I've cried in genuine grief over the loss of my favorite character, I've leaned in and kissed the lines of a page when my heart is full of romance. I've raged at the walls when a page falls out, I've burned books on funeral pyres with death rites and mourning. 

Escapism isn't an inherently negative thing, I would argue everyone needs to escape into other worlds.  What else do witches do with their time but escape into other worlds with fantastic beings and endless knowledge at hand?  When I escape, its into medicinal herbals and grimoric witchcraft, it's to Narnia and Dante's hell.  I don't go to lose myself.  I go to find myself.

Find your zen place.

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  1. dope.

    "Constant education is my religion. I worship no god the way I worship the mind to learn." My favorite lines.