A Sweet Tooth

4:52:00 PM

When love begins to sour, or worse, when it grows bitter and tasteless, a little sweet magic can help.  Cinnamon, brown sugar, raw cane, white refined, nutmeg, allspice, clove, lavender, elder, melissa and honey are the main performance in this dance.  These are favorites.  When you wish to sweeten one towards you, a little sugar over their picture in a box of red rose petals.  Make sure the roses never dry, change them when they wilt, and shake the sugar from them, leaving the fine grit of it in the box.  Some spells call for placing your lover's volts in a jar of honeycomb.  On Fridays, take a spoonful to mouth as you whisper to the red spirits as you would to a lover.

When sweet dreams are needed, a little melissa tea with cinnamon and clove.  A few drops of concentrated kava help ease you into dreams sweeter and warmer than you imagine.  Speak warm words of poetry, draw kindly over your flesh the sigils of love and beauty.  And sleep sweetly my friend.

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