The Modern Witch Tarot Review

The Modern Witch Tarot

...An exploration of femininity, body positivity, divine sexuality, diversity and queerness in tarot.

What a phenomenon this particular tarot deck has been; truly an incredibly unifying experience for young witches all over the world, but especially for us brown and queer femme folk.  Almost every one of my femme P.O.C friends pre-ordered this deck with me- including members of my BGMN coven.

The Modern Witch Tarot has taken the world by storm with bursts of delicious color, contemporary themes, diversity in representation and quality manufacturing.  While the cards are a tad stiff and glossy for the traditional shuffle, they are the highest quality you'll see in tarot, and they are masterpieces that hearken to graphic novel detail while in-keeping with Rider Waite tradition.  The pre-order edition came in a decorated golden tin with moths and moons printed along the sides.  Inside was a broach featuring the favored 10 of Swords Card with its popular meme-line, "Everything is Fine".  Next, a decorative patch as well as a black and gold reading cloth.  The deck comes in a stiff, high quality box and features stiff gold edges.

The illustrations themselves are a treat; headphones and cellphones, print dresses and braids, women with black and dark brown and pale cream skin, people with thick curves and waves and afros... what a wonderful experience to see myself reflected in witchy artwork.

Lisa, you are a wonderful artist and ally, supporting your work has been a pleasure and I cannot wait to see how your work impacts the tarot world in the coming months.

I'm stunned and I highly recommend getting your hands on a deck when it becomes available!

10/10 Via Hedera Tarot Rating.

The Evening Sun

I spent Halloween on a farm with the pumpkins and corn and gourds and cabbages, under an orange sun, in the cold crisp evening light.  We ate candy, made mischief, got drunk on tequila and honored the dead.  It was both familiar and cathartic.

"To see their future husband, the young women used to take one teaspoonful of flour, one of the salt, and one of the water, and mix them together, forming dough.  This they made into a little cake, which they baked in the ashes of the stone grate. While eating this, they walked backwards toward their beds, laid themselves down across them, and went to sleep lying in this position.  If they dreamed of their future husband as bringing a glass cup containing water, he was wealthy; if a tin cup, he was in good circumstances; and if he had ragged clothes and a rusty tin cup, he was very poor."  -The Journal of American Folklore (p. 49)

A bowl of water, a bowl of earth, a bowl of rings- fortunes for the future on All Hallows Eve.  Halloween Tables are a tradition, and I hope to get more creative with each passing year.

Baking for the home and the spirits; a lot of the time, we express our devotion through simple domestic arts and crafts which connect us to our ancestors and the wisdom they've passed on to us.  This recipe that came to be from the ether is cocoa blueberry and it turned out heavenly!

I hope your final harvest was full of treats and traditions.
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