Venus, Saturn, Sol: Weekend Work

Plant spirits can be difficult to interpret or commune with sometimes.  If tarot or some other oracular tool is your medium, and you practice the green arts, then naturally empowering ones herbs and understanding their virtues and speaking their language by creating a link between you, your medium and the herbarium makes sense.

My cards help me interpret, or, "see", the world around me better.  They guide my thoughts and encourage my imagination and lead me to reflection. Part of their value is that they as the medium of choice help me communicate on a deeper subconscious level with the plants I'm working with.

"The World is associated with the planet Saturn, the astrological taskmaster. Saturn is concerned with objectivity and duty, and working within recognized boundaries.  The World card shows that you have completed you work in a way that others can recognize and reward."- Liz Dean, How To Read Your Tarot Cards
Plants associated with Saturn: poppy seeds, mullein, myrrh, cypress, lily, ivy
Plant's Of The World Tarot: lovage and mandrake
Plants of the Waning Moon: rue, vervain and holly

Saturn's Garden; Paul Huson, speaking on Culpeper described the herbs of Saturn to be "bitter, funereal, melancholic or otherwise Saturnine." Saturn'd day, like the day of Mars, is a good time for hexes and curses. Black pepper, grave dirt, slippery elm, black poppy seed, red pepper seed, volts and blood and bone from the crucible.  This isn't a hex for me, but a gathering of materials for a hex gourd kit requested by witch Fatima of Ballard.

As for me, I've been recovering from the flu and my stomach was aching a bit.  Went for that old-school Southwest herbal tea; corn silk, marigold, licorice, mallow and honey. A tasty rest for the stomach.
Sweet Dreams Powder.

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