Leporcalia Tarot and The Tin Can Forest

Oh I'm just ever so happy with the Leporcalia Tarot.  

Kyrianne, thank you so much, and thanks again for keeping me updated during the bicoastal storms!  This deck is not only good quality design, but so interesting just to look at.  The style marries the modern with traditional art, has multicultural facets (everything from a mochi-making Moon rabbit to Mayan Lovers) and flows between classical, contemporary and everything in between a bit.  I was particularly happy with what I can only assume was a (awesome) nod to Watership Down on the Sun Card.   I was hoping that this wouldn't be another slightly cheesy animal-theme deck and was not disappointed- this is artwork, plain and simple, and each card looks like it had been well thought out before going into print.  It isn't too cutesy; if anything it gives me a bit of a Victorian tea-parlor feel, except far more worldly.  Lastly, the carrot "wands" suit was an adorable touch.

We approve.
You can follow Kyrianne on facebook and purchase this deck on Etsy.

A few months ago there was an occult book fair and conference at the UW which I was happy to attend.  I loved the rare literature, the cool and knowledgeable dealers, the talks, the atmosphere, but gods honest truth, the stand out was the art of Tin Can Forest.  I met one of the proprietors and immediately had to buy one of her prints.  I then spent a good deal of time lavishing compliments and practically begging her to consider creating a tarot deck from her stunning gallery.

Tin Can Forest; your work speaks to me.  It speaks to my magic, my circles, my rituals.  Every time I look up at your prints I'm reminded that the sabbat is more than real, because you must have been there yourselves to have captured its otherworldliness so succinctly.  We must have met there, over forest and fen, under thickets and in cabins and pits.  This style is like water and thorns, like fairy tale dreams and beautiful nightmares altogether.  You've got quite the aesthetic, TCF, and I'm all about you right now.

Seriously, is there anything I can do to convince you to make a borderless tarot deck from your paintings?  Come on, I pledge invest a small sum every month if it will get me a full tarot deck from you.  I'm dead serious.

pretty please? just think about it....

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