A Prayer, An Offering, A Message

A good-jar draws positive things to your life.  It purifies your thoughts and illuminates your quests for knowledge.  It's a simple set of ingredients and the most fun comes from you and your six mystic friends dressing our jars up in flowers and charms and all manner of fun.  Sometimes there's no difference between magic and arts &crafts.  Truth 
A Rose Lime Lampara offering. It's not enough to ask the red spirits and your tutelary spirits to live in a vessel and grant you a glimpse beyond this world.  You should always feed the dead.  Any offering, no matter how small, keeps the bond tight.
I wanted to know so many things.  What I got was so many questions.  There's resolution on the way, and conflict, and tragedy.  Now it's a matter of whether or not I follow my mole-like instincts and burrow away from danger, or be the serpent, ready to strike when cornered.  Depends I suppose.  Hermit or 3 of Swords.  My choice.

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