Full Moon, Sun's Day

"Shine fair on me sweet Luna ; for I sing to thee oh goddess, to thee Luna and Hecate earth dwelling who makes even the strong shiver as she passes, where crypts and red blood lie.  All hail to thee, fearsome Hecate! I pray you bear witness to this magic and make potent my work as that of Kirke’s or Medea’s or golden-haired Perimede"- Theocritus, Idylls

So what does it mean?  What is it saying?  Well, that's for me and my client to know... but what I can tell you; the heart of love lies in looking ahead and seeing deeper than the surface.  I can tell you that a man, strong and angry is bound up in his drama.  I can tell you that he needs to speak to the spirits, and sacrifice his ego.

Lady, farewell; turn ocean-ward, my steeds.  As I have purposed, so shall I fulfill. Farewell, thou bright-faced Moon! You stars, farewell, That wait upon the chariot of noiseless night.
-Theocritus, The Sorceress

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