Mama Cacao

Cacao Woman

Theobroma, known affectionately by the her nickname, Cocoa, is the bittersweet younger sister of the bunch.  She wont expand your mind in a haze of smoke, nor will she dance you into divine madness, but she will comfort and warm you and fill your bellies with satisfaction when her sisters are done with you.  Her power lies in stimulation, education, in joy and euphoria, and in transforming herself from bitter dark to sugary white depending on her mood.  Her spirit is uplifting and unafraid.  For a woman on her period, Cacao is a sacred saint, like her sisters, and seeks only to ease the pain.  She keeps her own friends very close to her; vanilla, damiana, chili and allspice- they know who runs the show and they all love to stop the world and melt with her.  Her skin comes in every shade; from dark to milk brown to white, even ruby.  Too much of her pure essence will poison you, too little will sadden you.
With damiana flowers in her hair and glass beads on her arms, gold hoops in her ears, with a bowl of chili and allspice, and her supply of red, green and yellow cacao pods, she is ready for the ceremony.
Her tastes run expensive; she lives for the finer things and prefers offerings in cups of gold, in ornate terracotta pots, or wrapped up with a golden ticket.  Just the smell of her makes men smile, and the taste of her has earned her a reputation as an aphrodisiac, a seductress of senses. Alone, she can be a tad bitter, but with friends she sweetens and spices up just fine.  In her most refined form, she is worshiped on birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween- any day of joy, she'll be found giving her offerings and receiving sacrifices in the form of rotten teeth and tummy aches. 

damiana grows from her gown, a companion herb used in cacao aphrodisiacs
When you've worshiped Mary Jane, your mind grows full but your mouth runs dry, and so you turn to Vino for libations and sacraments, which invigorates your mouth but hollows your stomach.  This is where Cacao casts her holy power; that of savoy truffles and salty balls.  She fills the heart, just as wine fills the spirit and sativa fills the imagination.  The trifecta of natural pain relief is made whole by Cacao in all her forms. 

"Cool my brains and soothe my head
Stimulate me my Co-co-co
Sneak into my empty bed
And educate me my Co-co-co"


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