Before the Dark of the Moon

I took a personal day recently, just to myself, to do some petitioning for my neighbor in need of help, to see backwards, to see forwards. There are things to be seen, and things to be hidden.  Everything seems clouded to me right now, especially my judgement.  It's reminding me to be careful and heed the three swords on my arm; I'm a creature of conflict and part of my nature is the struggle to confront conflict head on.  If my soul had a form, it would be wind and  leaves; fluttering, fickle and hard to catch.  These are the conflict times, the Hag of Winter has ridden in.   The last great harvest is coming soon.  I plan to spend it with the sorrors; my black girl magic night witches.  I guess I'm in some kind of coven, a sisterhood of black community associated ladies who meet every so often to express our magic selves.  We've decided to do our own samhain.

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