The High Priestess: Mary Jane

The High Priestess.
Mary Jane

Mary Jane is the eldest.  Industrious but lazy, and extraordinarily kind, Mary Jane (better known as Sativa when she's working, Indica when she's sleeping) is neither cruel nor stupid.  While it seems she keeps the company of dreamy fools, she's the beloved muse of the keenest minds the world has ever known; inspiring musicians and painters and great thinkers alike. 

Unlike her sisters of vice who are dangerous by their chemical nature in large amounts,  she's good for just about everyone and everything-- though her antics can make some people a little paranoid.  Her sister Vino is a killer, causing men to drown in their sorrows, and her other sisters, Cacao, Coffea and Camellia have a capacity to strike a man dead through the heart, but not Mary; she'll lull you to sleep long before you've had too much of her... except in food form, she can get a tad crazy when she's being eaten.

She takes many lovers, all lovers, and never hides her free love affairs, preferring to appease all and choosing no favorites.  She doesn't abide conflict well, and will seek to bring peace through confusion, euphoria and humor when called to aid her children.  She makes no distinction between celebrities and commoners, holds no judgement and never kills with a kiss.  As the great chemist and bard R. James once spoke in his famed works, "I'm in love with Mary Jane, I'm not the only one. If Mary wanna play around, I let her have her fun. She's not the kind of girl that you can just tie down. She likes to spread her love and turn your head around." 

in her lap is a pile of hemp seeds, an offering. 
She's a social creature, MJ, and she's generated her own extensive lore.  The ancient bards of Liverpool sang her praises, and sought to get her into their lives.  Great philosophers like Lord Sagan of Cosmos turned to her for her healing, her wisdom, and used her power to uplift the minds of generations.   It is said in the old tongue that she prefers to move widdershins in this world, finding it easier to be passed to the covener to one's left.
"When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself."- Bob Marley.

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