Beechnut and Toadflax: Strewing and Summer

Waxing Moon. Day of Venus.
I went to my sacred purple beech in the woods and right as I reached for my first pod, a forked twig broke and landed in my basket below.  This beech has seen me through rituals both alone and with other practitioners for over half my life.  More than 15 years later and this tree is still living up to her generous reputation. She's protected by a ring of ivy at her base and a crown of hornets nests above.  The hornets never ever bother me while I'm billowing smoke beneath the tree, they're rather preoccupied with the wild fields around us.  I pulled up toadlfax and nightshade ans sang in the dry heat, thankful for every slight breeze.
Elder is a Venusian herb.  After taking what I needed for some jam, I gave the rest to the spirits in thanks.

Orange lamp with sugared orange slices, rum and marigold strewing blend.
Six strewing blends from wishes to exorcisms, from dead resting to dead calling, and to love's sweet spirit

Exorcism smells like fern, rosemary and white lilac sometimes...

These aren't for keeping, more on that later... Right now, I'm just enjoying getting into the work of strewing beautiful things in my path.

You can't imagine what this amber opium rose incense smells like.  It's been aging for a couple years now and I'm just so pleased with the sugary floral aroma.

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  1. When trees allow us to be with them, and offer gifts in return...

    And what delicious varieties of strewing herbs! One of my favourite ways to work with my herb and flower harvests, too.

    Happy late summer days to you!


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