Hours of the Tide: Evergreen Gathering

Evergreen, evergreen, evergreen.  So many smells and textures, so many kinds of conifer and holly and feral arbutus.  The evergreens that are brought into the house before Christmas are meant to bring good luck.  And likewise, for luck, they must be removed and burned by January 5th, with the ashes taken to the orchards at the feast of Mater Malum (Epiphany).  Every tree who stands tall and gives shelter, whispering and weighted with the responsibilities of winter's burden, is honored today.  My fingers smell like juniper berries and cedar oil.  My kitchen is covered in pine needles and my allergies are kicking my ass.  As it should be.  In our grimoire, the day is simply meant for the hanging, or laying of evergreen boughs, the making of hanging decorations for yuletide, the maceration of pine and spruce needles in brown sugar and the counting of holly berries.  

It's also a day to honor the emerald kingdoms that surrounds us.  After all, we're a regional witchcraft tradition, so honoring the most powerful trees in the Northwest in their most powerful and protective time, is just part of the sacred landscape.  Everyone gets to take home their own centerpiece covered in boughs and cedar roses, and the presence of it all lingers, in the air, and in the home.

Stay Green.

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