Hours of the Tide: The Feast of Hares

Another Pink moon rises, and with it, the feast of rabbits and hares.  Sadly, the pickins' were slim this year and I just didn't feel the need or desire to do my flower fry.   I don't even know why.  I walked with the fields and flowers, and even picked a few for the altar, enjoying the sense of sacrifice.  But when I got home, the tide felt... less food-oriented and more about transitions.

From the Feast of Hares through the end of Floralia is my "flower feast tide"-- usually an ideal time for some of the best spring edibles in my area.  But instead of physical eating, I feasted on the sense of growth and beauty I feel around me in my personal work-room.  In my lovely green-and-pink witching-room, my kniolas black Ipomoea moonflowers grow.  Small, lovely, and ever so brief.  They live a day to enjoy the moon and sun, and then pass as if they had never been there.  I won't get a new generation from these indoor blooms, but the incredibly feminine, passionate, gripping power they bring into my space has been quite a learning experience..

I took time to garden; transitioning pots to the outdoors to catch the fresh new rain to come.  And I sat with my rabbits; Bosley and Sherman.  They reminded me of the warmth and kindness and change around me.  So, they got a little but of fresh green oat and barley grass from my Holy Grains garden.  A quiet tide with family-- loved ones.  My commitment to observance of hours and tides continues, even challenged by my own lazy will in the midst of all this sadness, war, anger, change...  I keep to the hours.

My newest venture with fellow witchy-people has really helped me recuperate my sense of socialization.  I really love Lisa and Tania for that.  Shout out to Coleman of Dark Exact Tarot for linking us magical folk together.  It's cold out here in the Northwest, I'm blessed to have found such warmth with you all.  May the rise of the Floralia, Walpurgis, Beltane and May Day be everything you need, and bring every bit of fire that warms me.

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  1. Seeking magical folk myself. Your blog makes me hopeful to find some in the South. Thank you!


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