The Beautiful, Inflexible Lady; Belladonna

She is one of those very old witches, those famous ones, and she's enjoyed a reputation as a deadly lover.  Atropa has cutting wisdom and used her beauty to seduce unwitting admirers.  The lore surrounding her is much too apparent to bother going into here, so I will make her introduction brief: she is Saturnian in nature, allied to water, works the arts of sleep, seduction and spirit flight. She is the sister to Mandrake and the original performer in the famed "flying ointment".  Like Datura and Mandrake, she is a priestess in the garden of Hekate.  Her historical uses are in cosmetics; ones to give the skin pallor and dilate the pupil.

They call her "beautiful lady", and I imagine in person she must be very beautiful. I've never had the pleasure of her company; she's got restricted status in my state last time I checked.  Really, I was inspired to make her during my reading on Hexing Herbs.  Annnnnddd I like her so much that she'll be part of my "Thank You For Reading Via Hedera Belatane Give Away!".  That means you potentially have a choice between three original hand sculpted and painted statuettes from Via Hedera: Datura, Mandragora or Belladonna.  

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