Three Witches: Beltane Statuette Give Away

The Three Witches Series was a side effect of my Sisterhood of the Traveling Mind Series which featured mostly harmless mind altering plant allies like Cacao and Salvia.  As I tucked in with my Pendell, Rosarium, Schulke and Ratsch over the winter break, I got really attached to the idea of the Tropine Sisters and how they appeared to me in dreams and rites.

Well, with any great gift comes a great price.  What I offered to the spirits who inspire art, to the star of Venus, in exchange for her blessing was that I'd part with some of the work, especially those I most care about.  It's a worthy sacrifice I think, to spread her blessing to other people without any expectation of monetary exchange, simply as an act of love, of giving; two things under the rulership of Venus.  I guess, I'm trying to keep my promises.  I make certain and rare vows, but when I do, I am unwilling to break them.  The spirit world was a testy and tempestuous one in the eyes of our ancestors, I've got enough personal experience to have learned my lesson about breaking vows wrought in things deeper than even I understand.

So, I hope whoever participates in this truly, truly is devoted to one of these plant allies.  I shudder to think of them growing dusty on some forgotten shelf or given to children to shatter...  I can only hope you see the same love and giving that I see when I look back at my work.  These statuettes are in harmony with me, so I imagine they'll bring you a good deal of good too.  Let's introduce our ladies...

My first was Datura; the trumpeter of devils and angels.  To see more of her, see HERE.

The second child was Mandrake, the rootworker.  To see more of her, see HERE.

Lastly, and admittedly, the favorite around here, Belladonna; sexy, poisonous, dreamy, she is a very old witch. To see more of her, see HERE.

Each is made of simi translucent polymer clay, painted in acrylic and coated in acrylic matte and/or satin finish.  Do not wash these statues; even with the finish the paint may thin.  Hold each gently but firmly by the sides of their base or by their shoulders or you absolutely will crush the clay details.

I'm so sad to part with any of them to be honest, but I didn't make them for me, I made them for Love.  I hope whichever wins your heart and Fortuna's good graces inspires you to always relish the green magics of the world and adore our plant spirit allies.  Best wishes and good luck.

And remember, even if you don't win on Beltane, you'll get a chance on another Holy Day to win a statuette, including a choice between old and new pieces.

The Via Hedera Statuette Giveaway!

*Participants will win a chance to choose between Mandragora, Datura and Belladonna for their own.

*Participants understand and agree that the statuettes are sent as is in the condition presented in the photographs. 

*Participants will not receive customization to any statue and will accept the statuette as an individual and unique piece of devotional art donated by me, Via Hedera, to you.

*Participants agree and understand that once the art is out of my hands, I am no longer responsible for its care and condition.  No repairs will be made, no replacements will be sent.

*Participants agree and understand that I reserve the right to refuse to send you my art for any reason I see fit with or without explanation.  This is a give-away not a purchase, so nobody is entitled to anything and there is no recourse for my refusal to send.

*Friends and loved ones will NOT be given special consideration, and any requests for preferential treatment will not be considered.  Fair game baby.

*If you are found to have made multiple accounts to win, you're automatically disqualified.  Using multiple platforms will not garner anyone better chances either.

*This give away is applicable to readers in these countries: United States of America and All USA Territories, Mexico, Canada and to the United Kingdom.  Special shipping exceptions can be made on a case by case basis but due to shipping costs and lack of insurance for these statuettes, I'd prefer to only ship to territories with decent shipping rates from the States.   Please keep this in mind before participating, as I cannot cover high shipping costs or guarantee the integrity of these delicate, lightweight clay pieces if being shipped long and indirect distances.

*If your number is drawn and you do not respond to my messages by May 5th, your participation will be rendered null and void.  You MUST respond to or the Via Hedera Facebook message within 5 days with a valid address or your number will be withdrawn and another will be selected.  I will only attempt to reach you once for the announcement on May 1st  and again after three days.  From that point on, it's up to you to respond.

To Participate in this give away, readers must follow these steps:

Step 1: 
Step 2:
  • Like the Official Announcement Post on Facebook- this lets me know you're actually applying for a statue and not just one of my wonderful, much appreciated readers.
  • Comment your preferred statue on the Official Announcement on Facebook- example "Datura!" or "Belladonna", this will make sending yours out much faster for me when I draw numbers!
BONUS: If you Share the Official Announcement Post on your Facebook page, I will assign you a second number to increase your chances just as you've increased my scope of viewership by sharing ;p -  Facebook allows me to see who shares my links from my page so please keep this in mind; if you do not share the link provided, you will not register.  

Step 3:
  •  Wait for the winner to be announced on May 1st, Beltane 2018!  All participants will be assigned a number (two for those who share the Official Post on Facebook- see above) for a random generator and the number chosen Beltane morning will receive a message from Via Hedera requesting a preferred address to send to.  Statuette will be sent Saturday May 5th after providing a final photograph of statue's current condition to the winner.

For Those Who Do Not Have Facebook: (first of all, good for you getting rid of FB, we all should sooner rather than later, kudos on getting out of the machine!)

Step 1:
Step 2:
    • Comment on the Official Announcement post on Instagram; this comment should be one word "Datura" "Mandrake" or "Belladonna"
    After commenting, you will be assigned a number and placed in the drawing.  The day of Beltane, if you are selected, you will receive a private message with my email, along with an address request.

    *Keep in mind shipping limitations, mentioned at the top of this post.


    Step 1:
    • Be an official Page Follower of Via Hedera Blog- this does appear in my stats section so you must be a registered user to follow. 
    Step 2:
    • Leave a comment at the end of this post stating which statue you would choose: Belladonna, Mandragora or Datura as well as a valid email address so that I can assign your number.

    After commenting, you will be assigned a number and placed in the drawing.  The day of Beltane, if you are selected, you will receive a private message with my email, along with an address request.

    *Keep in mind shipping limitations, mentioned at the top of this post.

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