Familiarity Friday

Sanguinaria & Ophidia
"A cemetery snake was the devil's spy."
 Mid-America Folklore, Ozark States Folklore Society
"The divine attributes have been almost completely lost, but there has emerged from the time of Pliny the figure of a mysterious subterranean creature in the earth itself, the animal is connected in the folk mind with death and the realm of the dead and likewise with the devil, witches, and magical powers.  In France the mole is thought to embody the powers of both good and evil."

- Wayland D. Hand, American Folk Medicine: A Symposium

Snail-slime and Eel-grass

"Snail, snail, stick out your horns, I'll give you grains and barley corns! 
Snail, snail, come out of your hole, or I shall beat you black as coal!"
-Journal of American Folklore

"It is a sign of bad luck to meet a witch-rabbit."-North Carolina Folklore

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  1. Love folklore. I'm thinking, how did you folks distinguish a witch-rabbit from non-witch-rabbits? Was it a particular species/breed or look that the witch-rabbit had? Also, threatening snails is not cool. (Semi-joke here...) I love the art, is it your own?? Blessings.


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