2019 Indie Tarot Midsummer Review


Likes: Oh what a perfect card-stock and beautiful color palette choice!  The illustrations are really interesting, diverse in theme and folk-artsy.
Thoughts: I like this one, it's a good balance of life and death.

Le Beau Monde Tarot by Jennifer Pool
Likes: I'm such a femme, these designs appeal to the tea parlor madam in me.
Thoughts: It will get you interested in Victorian fashion, believe that.

The Philly Tarot by James Boyle
Likes: Remember back when I waxed poetic about this deck's release?  Well, it was worth the wait, I live for this hilarious and nostalgic deck.
Thoughts: The gold edging is a great touch and the suit themes are really fun!


Veleda Oracle by Betty Skeet
Likes: Smooth shuffle, bright contrast of color and darkness, good vibes from across the sea ^_^
Thoughts:  I'd love to see what this artist could do with a tarot deck, I imagine something truly unique!

Threads of Fate Oracle Rose Gold Edition by Brit and Blaire (Dec 2018-Jan 2019)
Likes: I've never seen a rose gold foil on a deck before, I adore it!  The images are beautifully illustrated and deeply meaningful.  It came beautifully packaged as well!
Thoughts: I'd love to see the rose gold effect on a Lenormand deck, tell me when to throw money at it and I will.

2018 Misses...


Soul Cards Tarot by Kristine Fredheim
Likes: Wow, talk about symbolism, I love the geometry and symbolism of this deck! And the matte velvety texture? hell yeah.
Thoughts: How could I miss this?  That's what irritates me here, HOW did I miss this interesting, fascinatingly elegant deck?  The deck comes in rose blush and gold as well, a new favorite.


The Golden Thread Lenormand
Likes: The shuffle is wonderful- moves like water!  The art is perfect, balanced, using the negative space beautifully, the foil is just spiffy!
Thoughts: Downside to the use of recycled plastic: the cards scuff incredibly easy, don't expect them to retain their fine surfaces after a few uses.


The Maiden Oracle by Leila +Olive
Likes:  I love everything Leila+Olive does, just so much beauty and interpretation in these thick, high-quality cards.  They really bring a sense of feminine balance to an oracle session.
Thoughts: Awe Leila+Olive I love your sweet floral ways.

Red Thread Oracle by Wychwood Oracle
Likes: I just think this deck is so fun; traditional art linked by the red thread of fate.
Thoughts:  I'd like to be able to choose my own card-back from a selection of options, just a personal preference.


image borrowed from HERE, art by Lisa Sterle (link below)
Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle
Okay this looks pretty incredible and has already amassed a heinously large fan base.  I preordered within 7 minutes of the opening to do so, that's how crazy great this looks and I predict a rush sale of a deck this popular, accessible, lgbtqpa, femme, body positive deck of the modern witch.  Lisa you are a fantastic artist and I cannot wait to hold this deck in my hands, your choice to be so inclusive is really  going to resonate with our generation of readers. 

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