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Leporcalia Tarot BY unorthodoxCreativity  from Leporcalia Tarot and the Tin Can Forest
Kyrianne, thank you so much, and thanks again for keeping me updated during the bicoastal storms!  This deck is not only good quality design, but so interesting just to look at.  The style marries the modern with traditional art, has multicultural facets (everything from a mochi-making Moon rabbit to Mayan Lovers) and flows between classical, contemporary and everything in between a bit.  I was particularly happy with what I can only assume was a (awesome) nod to Watership Down on the Sun Card.   I was hoping that this wouldn't be another slightly cheesy animal-theme deck and was not disappointed- this is artwork, plain and simple, and each card looks like it had been well thought out before going into print.  It isn't too cutesy; if anything it gives me a bit of a Victorian tea-parlor feel, except far more worldly.  Lastly, the carrot "wands" suit was an adorable touch.

I've owned a little over thirty decks in my lifetime as a reader. I've owned expensive, beautiful and one of a kind decks. But truly, nearly none compare to the masterfully crafted Golden Thread Tarot by Tina Gong... SEE MORE

THE OPHIDIA ROSA TAROT BY LEILA AND OLIVE: This deck is a combination of rustic, feminine, botanical, natural, grave and sweet.  It is highly detailed and beautifully printed with golden edges and thin lines, presented in a smooth black illustrated box complete with a leaflet for basic reading (no reversals); I'm floored.... 

THE TAROT OF THE ABSURD BY BAREFOOT FOOL: I found this deck refreshing, odd (in the best way) and personable.  Not only is the artwork somewhat androgynous, gender bending and queer; it was diverse in sizes and shapes, it expressed femininity and masculinity in fluidity... I was really pleased with the style, and even more so with the detail of the artwork in every single card, no matter how simple it appears at first glance... SEE MORE

THE MARIGOLD TAROT BY AMRIT BRAR: I was immediately impressed by the stunning contrast of the white skeletal figures and their elegant, symmetrical, golden surrounding boarder.  Stars, herbs, skeletons and hoops play prominent visual roles throughout the entire deck.  Each suit is beautifully illustrated, detailed and complete unlike what I expected.  I was happy that despite the theme of skulls and skeletal bones, the deck never comes off as anything less than a celebration of the life within death and the death that becomes all life.  .  This deck looks like it emerged from a garden in a graveyard in the cosmic darkness.. SEE MORE.

Mildred Payene's Oracle of Black Enchantment by Deviant Moon... The oracle tells a story from the first block print illustration to the last, a story of wicked women dancing with death and the devils, the story of witching herbs growing from our gardens, dreams and bodies.   There's moonlight rituals and wild dances in graveyards, there are night-riders and twisted demons.   Hell, there's even a depiction of that classic moment when the witch must kiss the butt hole of the devil.  Even if traditional witchcraft isn't your vibe, this deck and its haunting occult imagery will be sure to entertain your magical whimsy...  SEE MORE...

 The Bianco Nero Tarot.... SEE MORE

The Line Defined Tarot... SEE MORE

The Moon Void Tarot... SEE MORE

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