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    2018 was the year of line-drawing occult art.  Trends come and go but line-art and etching-style occult art never go out of style for us witches.  Black and white is the new style du jour in the tarot community, and I expect it's going to last a bit.  Like many of you, I'm a little tired of the hyper-colored, digital art extreme that tarot took in the mid 2000's so I'm enjoying this return to traditional, monochromatic simplistic designs.  The last few decks I've reviewed (Ophidia Rosa, Absurd and Mildred Payne) were all moving towards this new edge in tarotcraft, relying on less color and more illustration.  Well, 2019 is here and I've got some decks from last year that you are sure to add to your collection once you've seen them.

    For me, there were four stand-out decks from 2018:  The Bianco Nero, The Line Defined, The Moon Void and The Marigold Tarot (which I'm leaving out because it already received it's own review HERE).  I was a backer for Marigold and Line Defined on kickstarter, which is honestly one of the best ways to stay ahead of the crowd when it comes to up and coming tarot decks, artists and editions.  The Bianco I discovered at a pagan fair over the summer and the Moon Void fell into my lap while binging on tarot reviews.

Let's take a look at my Top Tarot Decks of 2018

3. Bianco Nero Tarot

Likes: the slim card-stock- I'm seeing a trend of fatter, heavier card-stock and I don't love it when it comes to shuffles, but the Bianco is slim, smooth and skinny enough to move in my hands like butter.  The illustrations are classic and realistic, beautifully detailed, with a ton of hidden symbolism.
Thoughts: Mr. Marco Proietto, make another deck just like this one, but with my adorable face on every card.  You'll sell millions!

2. The Line Defined Tarot

Likes: the rough gold edging, the detailed lines, the symmetry and balance; I love how life and death are depicted in every card.
Thoughts: This was a worthy backing, I think this artist could make a few really fascinating decks.

1. The Moon Void Tarot
Likes: Every card is full of self expression and I love the splashes of red here and there to break up the monotony of the black and white.  It's both feminine and soft without losing its edgy modernism, I adore it.
Thoughts:  None, buy this deck.

2019 Up-and-Coming Nods
The Philly Tarot

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Bruuuuhhhhh you have no idea how much this deck just tickles my patriotic fancy, but most importantly (and real the reason I'm backing and buying his deck) is Frank from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia will be gracing the World Card.  I literally need nothing else in life but this card.  The art looks great and the theme is a combination of pride and humor, but nothing will sell a deck like Danny DeVito.  Philly Tarot, shut-up and take my money.

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