Vines and Bindroots.

7:00:00 PM

The solanum dulcamara grows in my garden in the shadow of a veil of ivy, a mock orange tree, spearmint, dandelion, bramble and a great other simples.  These herbs have grown here since my childhood, planted by my grandmother or sister or aunts over time, spreading out and taking over the wild of the backyard. This is where the bindweeds grow that I'll use in particular charms.

 Bittersweet or Woody Nightshade is used in oneiric charms, conjuring dreams.  Mercury, Saturn, moon, air, these will all transmit mysterious dreams when summoned through the genius of this sister to the nightshades.

Feminine, saturn, water, morning glory is used in binding harmonious charms, ones that appeal to lovers.  It's my favorite and I keep ropes of it around for yearly use.

Feminine and masculine, Saturn, water, the ivy symbolizes healing and protection, it binds these charms and adores multiples of 3.  It's name is Hedera and she is the root of things green and good and should ever bind dark green things.

Seasons don't fear the reaper
Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain...
we can be like they are
Come on baby... don't fear the reaper

Circles in the long grass feel like solar energy, like warmth and harvest and death worship.  I worship death just as I worship life.  It's two sides to the same coin, life and death.  One ever leading to the other, push and pull, the eternal dance of creation and destruction played out on a thousand cosmic stages.  From the birth and death of stars, there comes the birth and death of materials and metals, protein chains, cells, life, and to the death all these things will return.  Death is a mother of life, just as the Green Woman is the barer of the sickle of the harvest, she is the reaper.  Bindroot magic on a dark moon feels good, both energizing and bloody, a dance of life lines and deaths strokes.

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