I live and work on Duwamish land.

       I was brought up in the company of animists, the veneration of ancestors, fortune tellers, pastors, harlots, witches, healers and medicine women. In the Southwest and Northwest United States, my siblings and I grew up with a unique folkloric spiritual identity.

     The Green River is the place I do my green work.  I am a witch; the kind you read about in the stories; hares, hexes and all.  I am a gallery-featured artist, esoteric researcher, occult literature collector, professional altar idol sculptor, cartomancy instructor,  lifelong practitioner and these are my roots.   

      If you are interested in acquiring my services in the production of an altar statuette, consult my gallery and contact me at  Booked through December 2018.

Via Hedera, Riverton Witch

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