The Sweet Stuff

With the tide of the full moon came an abundance of new ideas and friends and paths and desires.  I don't know what it was about this last week, but it felt like some huge burden was lifted, like some of the sweetness of life has finally begun to seep back into my life.  I'm aglow with some inner radiance and the full moon's energy on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday opened some doorways. I wasted no time putting together long requested charms for friends, and one for myself.

 I think I'm just riding a wave of positivity that's bringing out every creative fiber of my being.  All around me, I'm surrounded by people who desire, lust, need, want- driven by curiosity and passion; the energy of it crackles along my spine and over my thighs and makes me restless all night, fidgety all day.  When I get to absorbing the warmth around me, I create my favorite work, love, dreams, gain.  I'm all about that Erosian current, the ardent spirits.

Before I enter into this work, I fast, I bathe in baths of milk and honey and salt and rose water and oils.  I dance, I sing, I drink a mixture somewhat similar to  pancha amrita or I take in raw Mexican cacao with powdered vanilla and chili peppers- even just Market Spice Tea if I have to, anything to get me in that mood, to give me that warmth.  I do everything I like, surround myself in the things from which I tend to draw power; beautiful things, plants, artwork, smoke.
Sugarcraft is an old staple of Southern hoodoo, Southwestern Hoodoo and comes to us from the old world.  It's a touch of kindness, remorse, mercy, warmth and general sweetness added to mojo bags, dusts, philters and confections and all magic made with consecrated cane crystals add the essence of success to a charm.  Sugar boxes, honey jars and bottles containing magic confections are popular manifestations of drawing or "attraction" charms.
A Red Sugar Box: Love Draw
Dedicated to the ardent spirits and crafted in the hour of Venus on Friday in the residue of a full moon.
Sweet Dream Sugar Gourd: To Sweeten Dreams
Inside here lies the genius of the rosaceae, turnera diffusa, passiflora, artemisia vulgaris, sambuca, valeriana and the trumpeter- summoned by the sugars which invigorate the spirits and sweeten those spirits who deliver dreams.  The herbs and sugar and crystal are crushed and ground and poured into the gourd with is coated in honey and olibanum and sealed with a cork and beeswax.  
Prosperity Sugar Box: A Dust for Accumulation of Luck
The industrious spirit of a red Cedar, the passionate ecstatic magnetism of the cinnamon spirit, the invigoration allspice's magic procures, sugar to sweeten the lucky spirits who are called here in the name of fortune and fate.  The energy of coin and cash is important to charging the dust inside which can eventually be used to cross doorways or worn in talismanic sachets and amulets before one intends to gamble.
And you know, just some light reading in between bouts of licking honey off the tips of my fingers and shaking sugar from off my apron.

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