Tarot Teas

      Herbs and tarot got hand in hand if you ask me; both are revelatory portals and when used together, they can still the mind before readings or fill the body with the spirit of a reading.  Many seers will smoke an herbal blend or drink an herbal tea before divining by cards, to give clarity and openness or to protect the body from spiritual harm. Some seers, however, learn the ingredients to an after-reading tea or smoke blend by casting the lots first and discerning the meaning of the reading and how it can be translated herbally.  One method is too look into established herbal lore regarding tarotology and blend from that school of thought.  If you're more of an intuitive artist in this regard, you could assign your own herbs to particular cards based on like correspondences, e.g, 3 of Swords corresponds to air, intellect and conflict and so I associate it personally with slippery elm which is used to treat social conflict.

The Star, The Lovers, Strength: A Tea for Love's Intentions: a blend of clove, cinnamon, catnip and wormwood give some insight into the difficult choices in a relationship.

Death, Empress, World: A Tea for A Change: lovage, basil and honeysuckle. A mixture of comfort, kindness and love to guide one through a new life to come.

The Magician, 5 Cups and The Chariot: A Brew for the Brave:  Red clover, anise and horehound invigorates the blood when confronting a disaster in on the horizon.

The Fool, The Moon and Seven Cups: The Tea for a Dreamer: Elder, rose, peppermint; when faced with intense decisions about health, sometimes it's best to take the dreaming road.

medicine doll for the spring, for a friend who needs very badly to love herself more.  We drank tea, read her cards and sewed her up. .

Gourd, Husk, Smoke, Moss

medicine gourds. gourds to hex, gourds to heal, gourds to offer, gourds to see, gourds of spirits, gourds of drink, gourds of sun.
Corn husk cigar offerings are common in some places in America, mainly the Southwest.  I spent Saturday wrapping a dozen bundles; of palo santo and other sacred herbs, and then wrapped  cigars stuffed with my favorite crossing plants like damiana, passion flower, trumpet flower and tobacco to name a few.  These particular ones are a borrowed recipe for a friend who cleanses dreams as a trade. 
golden copal, sage, cedar and osha root; representing different veins of my ancestors for a spirit-smoke.
Most witches wind up making their own planetary incense.  There are a hundred recipes; some ancient from grimoires like The Picatrix, others more recent from the works of Cunningham.  I have my own book of recipes.  Neptune and Venus have this fascinating metaphysical relationship,  They mingle together in their vain daydreams.  They are dreamy and cerebral.  They're both my stars, my favored among the cosmic ballet.  Neptune smells like opium and fruit woods, musky and cool.
They call Venus the glittering star. and she is.  In spring, the Garden of Venus is in full bloom; most flowers seem to wind up associated with the planet Venus, water, earth, or air, and the tide of spring.  This incense is an offering for the Summer Solstice to come; I've been asked to bless a marriage, and this smoke smells like the binding sweetness of creeping jasmine, lush hedge roses, hypnotic notes of brown sugar and a distracting dash of lovage.
Cocao, vanilla, coffee and chestnuts, honey notes in every form, from golden amber to birch resin, sticky poplar and desiccated cedar.  Warm indeed; reminds me of a kitchen.  A kitchen with naked lovers cooking confections.
I collected a bunch of lichen and moss nearby from the fallen maple trees.  The tincture I make every year smells very rich and earthy when done right and I add  it to my Greenwood Floorwash. 

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