Binding Birdsfoot

Binding, binding, entwining, I adore the vicia vetch that Pliny called the "binder".  Vetch's local traditional applications according to Turner and Gunther were love magic, love drawing, fidelity charms and charms of beauty.  In the language of flowers according to Powell, vetch means "shyness", and to Cunningham, "fidelity".   She is ruled by  the star of Venus and seeks to ensnare, binding all things in her path, sowing as she goes.  Her pods can be used as a rattle component to send away the spirits who follow usurpers and mistresses.  I have several vetch spirit gourds in my collection and they bring the essence of attachment to my Binding two poppets in vicia villosa and ipomea will create a bond of deep fidelity and fascination, and can be woven in a pattern of knots or twisted and wound, and then gifted to newly weds on their commitment day.  

Gather all materials on Fridays in the hour of mercury, in the sun.  Gather from a romantic place preferably.  Fill two dollies with the black and green seeds of your favored vetch, as well as the dried flowers and dual-twisted pod shell (only use ones which are split in two, never single).  In one doll place the hair of one intended, and in the other, the hair of the partner.  Have each partner give their blood to a vine each and then twist those two vines together in a tight rope, then bind that rope around the arms of the two dolls in a heart knot or bow.  Give these to the intended to bury in the far yard of their very first home or at the front gate of their home.  When they bury the seed-filled doll, bound and bonded, they should consecrate the act by consummating their love.

There are a lot of varieties around here and many in the world.  I've got a few vicia in my collection and I try to keep them separated and cataloged for specific work; sativa for large marital charming, common for poppets, hairy for fidelity and attraction.  There are braids for binding charms and nests for blessing candles and vessels to sort the virtues of one vine of vetch from another.  I'm trying to stay organized these days... heh.

In addition to my vetch, I enjoy trefoil to act as a sister to vetch.  See, vicia doesn't do well alone.  That's not her style.  She despises to be without a companion of equal neediness; it thrills her to tangle and weave and choke and strangle.  It's an intense relationship that requires some personal distance or it becomes a tad dependent.  Vetch pairs well with morning glory, thistle, broom , but most of all, I've found the synchronicity between vetch and trefoil; they like each others company a lot and share in their sexual and somber symbolism.  In the language of flowers, this trefoil is associated with "revenge" according to C. Daniels, and is also ruled by Mercury. Imagine what a binder herb meant to ensnare an errant lover and an herb associated with sex, stability and revenge might do if they worked together...

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