A Tarot Collection

Mantegna, Sola Busca, Golden Renaissance, Bosch, Botticelli, Klimt, Byzantine, Del Fuego, Native American, Dame Darcy Mermaid, Etruscan, Alchemical, Bastard, Dark Exact, Golden Thread, Chelsea, Pixie's, Golden Universal, Hoi Polloi, Waite-Smith, Morgan Greer, Leporcalia. Favorites from my collection.

 When you read with the Leporcalia Tarot, my favorite parlor-reading deck, you ought to try a tea blend of rosehips and clovers, maybe a little oat-straw and honey brush if you like, tea with this deck is a spiritual union.

My favorite decks.  I didn't notice the trend of blue and orange backs until I laid them all out...  The Dame Darcy Mermaid is a new edition but already touches my heart.  The Morgan Greer is among the very first decks I ever received.  My Klimt is my baby, it has never once failed me.  The Etruscan is the deck of war, and is probably my favorite artistic aesthetic.  The Chelsea Lenormand is absolute 70's throw-back art movement glory, a must have for any serious collection.

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  1. Your blog made me fall in love with the Leporcalia Tarot! It's such a interesting deck!


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