Absurd Moon

Waxing Moon. Moon's Day. Hour of the Moon (last Monday)

I chose two tarot and a lenormand, all of them with vintage and rare feels to begin this journey.  I had a lot of questions, and a lot of answers came. 

The Chelsea Red is a limited lenormand, she tends to read for life more than the heart.  It's my favorite buy from a few years back.  The Tarot of the Absurd is a new addiction to the collection; It's a beauty and moves in the hands like water, I'm fond of the stark artsy style and it is easily one of the highest quality monochrome decks I've ever seen.   I'm very fond of this deck and it's very cool and professional creator Barefoot Fool.  She's the noise, give her a gander.

Tarot of the Absurd.
Vintage 1970 hand-me-down Aquarian Tarot.  Doesn't get used too often because of it's delicate nature, much like my vintage Hoi Polloi, but occasionally it's exactly what I need.

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