Moon Sign and Love Bind

confection kit: amorous potions and powders, teas and sugar box starters dusts and herbs- everything love witches need to make that very... creative, magic.  I work red work, I love red sugars and scents. In the upper right hand corner is blessed yohimbe, in the bottom left glass jars are love draw floor wash herb mixes and love draw bath herbs as well as sugar box starter- the herbs needed to give a solid foundation to sugar boxes.  I have three vials of cacao teas, and three herb sugars: lavender, stevia mint and clove red.  Incense and herbal talismans are a must for the kit, because they're the foundations in red work.
Things are always changing, in a state of flux at the whim of a trillion different experiences and conditions.  Life is changing this way and that, evolving and slowing and speeding up all at once. On the one hand, I'm working hard at getting a fresh inventory up for some future plans Sunflower and I have been working on.  I'm also working on my statue series more seriously than I had before.  After having been inundated with private requests over the last few weeks for custom work I have thought long and hard about the possibility of resuming customs and my heart just isn't in it right now.  I want to see my ideas come to life, not someone else's.  I have this vision in my head and I need to manifest it before I lose that power.  I do plan on private messaging those who've been staying interested about the possibility of taking on an idea when the mood strikes but for now, I have a goal and have to reach it.  

Speaking of goals, I went back to school.  I was technically already finished but I had an incomplete in the lab sciences so I'm finishing that out over the next quarter while taking ethnobotany workshops over the spring.  Then who knows, maybe I'll transfer to the Horticulture program or UW... after all, you never know.  What I do know is I set a goal, paid for it and now all I have to do is follow through.  I'm scared, I admit it, but not avoiding it was the hardest step.   My thelema is strong, baby.

I suppose I feel suffocated under the weight of wanting to get out and go somewhere new and maybe, just maybe, not look back.  So much sadness and disappointment and embarrassment is left behind me in my wake, I think I've reached that golden age where you aren't attached anymore and seek to find that greener grass on the other side- my eyes are finally looking forward with hope, not back with regret.  Where I will go and who with, I don't know... but I'm changing.  You can either follow or get out the way, but dammit, I'm going on.

A Love Nest Charm: collect a proper bindweed with whom you have a good relationship spiritually.  Let this be the kind that sweetly tangles and twines and produces beautiful flowers in summer and spring.  If your lover and you quarrel over attachment and passion, gather vetch and sweet-pea, if you need to reaffirm bonds and forsake others- gather morning glory.  Strawberry binds sweetness and fertility while creeping jasmine binds beauty and lust. Should you be celebrating a new commitment, periwinkle is an excellent binder.  Friday nearest the full moon, you wind the braided hair of you and your lover into a twisted hoop with a fresh bindweed, like winding a nest. You can anoint these binds in the oils and fluids of lovers or simply let it be and place it into a box kept near or under the bed.  While you wind and bind believe in your heart what you want. These make meaningful talismans to celebrate and strengthen new marriages, to mend fights with a loved one or to protect a love from outside influences, but I personally wouldn't use it for the obvious purpose to binding two people together. Not my cup of tea.  The box should be filled with sweetness; anise, sugar, allspice, rose materia, orange peel, cinnamon, cacao, vanilla, cloves, nutmeg, damiana and sweetpeas.

Hairy Vetch

The full moon brought a good deal of creation with it.  Love draw bath powder, love-keep floor wash herbs, love-me powder.  The periwinkles and violets finally bloomed which signals spring coming to Riverton.  The Green River is starting to grow full of green and the rabbits are starting to spend their evenings outside more.  With the rise of light comes the inspiration that gives my spark of live its glow.  I've been blessing bottles of lavender sugar, stevia mint sugar, cinnamon clover sugar, planning business dreams with my friend, bringing beauty to the world around.  I've been quietly healing while absorbing the weight of fertility and lushness growing around me with every passing day into the flowering season.  I attended a workshop on herbal Aphrodisiacs at a local apothecary- Rainbow Natural Remedies and was pleasantly surprised by what I did not know.  The magic of that evening through learning and laughing tasted of coco brandy and damiana rose.  It was a refreshing reminder that Venus is my star, and her power is love, which means somewhere along that current, I will naturally fall.  I love, deeply.  I love art- art is god.  I love people, I love me, I love the vibrations of spring.

And I love you too. Take care.

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