Sugar Candles Before Bed

Before you sleep, as the moon is waxing, burn this candle on a bed of lavender purple sugar.  This sugar bowl/box/plate/jar mix should contain: lavender, lavender sugar, vetch seeds and cowries.  It should rest in a copper pot.  Light this candle from the Monday to the Friday before the nearest full moon to sweeten ones sense of beauty and charisma.

When you wake, on every Thursday before the full moon, on a bed of red sugar, cinnamon, rose and powdered anise seed, burn this candle in a nest of bindweed, creeping jasmine, vetch, sweet pea and periwinkle if you wish to make a sugar box that will bind burning love.  I don't recommend binding people to love you, but I do think lighting the candle together with your partner is fair.

Before sleep, every night of the waning moon if necessary, burn a baby blue candle on a bed of blue and white sugar, poppy seeds and quartz white you speak with prayer to those spirits that guide and walk in dreams.  This will bring sweet dreams and direct away cluttered thoughts before bed.

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