Tarot Review: The Marigold Tarot by Amrit Brar

Talk about those moments in life you just wait for...

The Marigold Tarot, published 2018, may have taken longer than expected to arrive, but it was well worth the wait.  I had been following the updates diligently, charmed by the sweet slice-of-life pictures of the artist's family and enjoying her sense of humor even through the frustration of shipping delays.  I started as a backer for this project and soon became a fan of the artist herself.  Amrit Brar has a style and point of view worth following, so keep up with her at Amrit Brar Illustration and follower her on Instagram.

The first item I pulled from the box was the lovely black square of fabric with its luminescent golden skulls in each corner and lush, fat marigold in the center- a cloth for readings, and it is just dazzling.  The box is glossy, light, high quality and suitable for travel.  There is no accompanying book but a well-seasoned reader wont need a booklet.

The cards don't have that glossy card-stock texture to them, but rather an almost linen like texture in the vein of high quality casino cards, I think it's my new favorite card texture; smooth shuffle and pliant durability.  They are in standard tarot measurement and are 78 in number.

I was immediately impressed by the stunning contrast of the white skeletal figures and their elegant, symmetrical, golden surrounding boarder.  Stars, herbs, skeletons and hoops play prominent visual roles throughout the entire deck.  Each suit is beautifully illustrated, detailed and complete unlike what I expected.  I was happy that despite the theme of skulls and skeletal bones, the deck never comes off as anything less than a celebration of the life within death and the death that becomes all life.  .  This deck looks like it emerged from a garden in a graveyard in the cosmic darkness.

Favorite cards were most certainly The Lovers which to me tells a tragic love story of epic proportions in the making, and the King of Cups which glows with fertility and wisdom.   I give it my highest recommendation, just because having it is having a very exclusive work of art.  Very unique and one of a kind, a high quality deck suitable for people with tarot experience. I think I'll really enjoy this deck, and I'm sure you will too.

Please visit Amrit Brar and support her excellent work!

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