The Witch of Flowers

Lily of the Valley

Mercury, Masculine, Air

"Memory and Joy"

I've read instructions saying to mix lily of the valley with honey suckle and lavender as strewing herbs for rites of spring, love, peace.  When mixed with red roses and honey powder, she works passionately to stimulate failing romances and invigorate lust in men, this is a recipe I really liked.


Jupiter, Masculine, Earth

"Luck, wealth and money"

Associated with crows, second sight, tree-worship, also used in magical prediction and to draw wealth.

Golden Chain Laburnum

Venus/Sun, Feminine, Air.Fire

"Pretty Sorceress"

"Foresaken. Pensive beauty"- Claire Powell

Toxic.  Invites wealth, status, beauty and protects the home.

Honey and Black Locust Flower

Saturn, Masculine,  Air

"Bees, Food and Lumber"

Both the honey and black locust tree are associated with bees, spring's end and industry.  Black locust thorns can be used as a substitute for hexing nails, blackthorn or porcupine quill.


Venus, Feminine, Water

"The Fruit of Love and Beauty"

Used in all manner of love magic; all parts being useful. The stones are often used as beads for love divination.   I prefer to harvest resin, dehydrate them, polish and round them and pierce them as beads on necklaces worn solely during red magic.


Venus, Feminine, Water

"The Flower of Passion"

We all know well what the rose can do; everything. Red roses and pink roses are used in magic to draw love, my favorite kind!

Lily of the Valley, black lace elder flower, green elder flower, thyme flower, wild rose.  Flowers who work sweetly together.  That's what it's about, the harmony of things.  All things in balance, preferably in harmony, a dance.  I think everyone with green fingers has their own nice way of doing things.  I like the flowery way. It's almost always about the love, or achievement, or beautiful things.   I'm into that...


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